The Flow Trainer System

April 25, 2014 - 11:14 PDT by Access Motivational Lab

A New Model for Training, Education and Healing - William Fort

Revolutionary discoveries in the field of neuroscience have revealed new information on the untapped potential of the human mind. Discoveries such as Neuroplasticity allow us to completely understand the very real connections between behavioral conditioning and the creation of new neural pathways in the brain .The Flow Trainer System exploits these new understandings by providing a superior conditioning and training system built on these principles. Virtual systems, advanced multimedia, neurolinguistics, and Trans Cranial Magnetic devices are applied in concert to create a system that delivers optimum results in the areas of Education and Healing.

One of the advantages of The Flow Trainer System is that it is specifically designed to create and maintain Flow states in any individual. These states are stable and repeatable. Our pre conditioning model allows trainees in any discipline to achieve peak performance states prior to the administration of any training curriculum. The creation of these states is vitally important to the process of learning itself and has been neglected through oversight by many educational institutions. It is our belief that this oversight is partly attributable to the industrial educational model which has been the dominant form influencing all of education for the past 200 years. Pre conditioning is critical for a number of different reasons; the most important is the distribution of neurochemicals in the brain. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals that allow the transmission of signals from one neuron to the next across the synapses. They are also found at the axon endings of motor neurons, where they stimulate the muscle fibers. Such glands as the pituitary and the adrenal glands produce them and their close relatives.

Of those neurotransmitters that we have identified, five maintain a position of dominance in their relationship to mood regulation, pattern recognition, decision-making, focused attention and memory. Dopamine, (which increases engagement, excitement, creativity and exploration), Norepinephrine, (which increases arousal, attention, neural efficiency and emotional control), Endorphins, (which create an opiate effect, pain reduction and produce pleasure) and Anandamide, (which amplifies lateral (abstract thinking), relieves pain and inhibits our ability to feel fear.) (See Graph 1-A)

In a Flow state each of these "top five" neurotransmitters are simultaneously active in the brain, and together they create a virtual symphony of engagement, focus, emotional control and precise implicit (subconscious) functioning. This single fact clearly illustrates how completely counterproductive it is to train any individual in any discipline prior to this state first being achieved. In our model of education, Induction into the Flow state always precedes instruction. Operators in this “peak performance state“ are ready not only to intake more information, but they are also able to process that information and convert it into action in less time than with other similar training systems. Additionally, our narrativized and “gamified” instructional content supports and maintains the state throughout the learning process. Gamified content ensures deeper engagement as well as assist in the creation of a positive addictive state that is beneficial in training scenarios where self-directed learning is incorporated into the curriculum.

The Flow Trainer System’s fully immersive environments and holophonic audio further support the Flow state. In addition, the TMS (Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulator) function of The Flow Trainer System allows the system to selectively cancel out those cognitive functions that might interfere with the trainee’s implicit (subconscious). A recent study conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency proved that military snipers trained during Flow states acquired their targets 230% faster than normal. Additional testing proved conclusively that non-military snipers trained in Flow advanced from novice to expert in 50% of the time normally allocated for this training.

Linguistic restructuring of technical content is an additional component of The Flow Trainer System that allows for deeper subconscious penetration. Our pre conditioning scripts are predicated on an Ericksonian therapeutic model. Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis are the primary drivers of conversational hypnosis, and when applied in conjunction with the integral technologies of The Flow Trainer System, they create an experience of total immersion.

As a healing tool The Flow Trainer System is highly effective in delivering immersive narrative content. It is that content that allows warfighters to effectively reconstruct their personal narratives, those of which have been shattered through their combat experiences. Current therapeutic VR technologies simply desensitize veterans to their wartime experiences through exposure therapy. The Flow Trainer addresses cause by assisting veterans in reconciling their combat experiences with their civilian life (See Graph 2-A -3-A).

The Flow Trainer excels as a two in one delivery system designed to deliver both full immersion virtual reality experiences as well as augmented reality experiences. This makes it effective for a wider variety of training experiences in the lab, the classroom, and in the field.