Human Hacking - Neuroscience and Magic

February 3, 2014 - 2:14 PDT by Access Motivational Lab

Stuart Palm's first interaction with magic was watching his uncle making coins and cookies disappear and amazingly pulling them out of Stuart's ear. Baffled, yet determined to learn his uncle's secret, the three year old Stuart began asking for everyone's pennies and then making them vanish. It wasn't until his grandmother decided to change his diaper that she found it full of copper coins.

Today, he is a professional entertainer who performs astonishing mentalism for high-end corporate and private clients. In 2006, due to a series of Grand Mal seizures, Stuart had to undergo brain surgery. While in recovery, he realized that not only did he emerge with all his learned abilities intact, but the experience had increased his capacity to understand the human condition, to connect with people's memories and thoughts. He is now also a sought-after lecturer on the connection between magic and neuroscience. Stuart has performed for JP Morgan, Standard Chartered, VH1, the Marriot and the Ritz Carlton hotels, and many more big wigs. His insights help these companies to better understand and improve client relationships.