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Our Services

Creativity Improving Creativity

Highly developed creative skill is an essential attribute for anyone working in uppermanagement. it is an unfortunate fact that over time people tend to become creatively redundant or lose the inspirational spark that is required for original thinking. We provide a wide range of hypnotherapeutic and NLP systems to help unlock and reinvigorate your teams creative process.

Creativity Motivation & Goal Setting

We help staff working in target driven environments by using hypnotherapy and NLP to establish goals and targets at the unconscious level, where they become integrated into the individual's motivational belief system. AMT's confidence building strategies helps your team to achieve significant performance gains.

Creativity PTSD

Hypnotic techniques have been used for the psychological treatment of shell shock, battle fatigue, traumatic neuroses, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and dissociative symptomatology. Hypnosis is a procedure used to facilitate therapy, and should be used only by properly trained professionals. Hypnotic responsiveness varies throughout the life cycle.Hypnosis is an important tool in treating PTSD patients.


We use NLP Techniques & Sport Psychology to enhance brain activity. Our data gained from working with high performing individuals and teams is what allows us to provide advanced neurological stimulation to help athletes reach there peak performance.